Board of Governors

Due to the recent pandemic of COVID2019 and the directive issued by the Government of Malawi, schools have resorted to e-learning.
Although resources and platforms are being provided by schools it is justifiable to note that there will be huge cost savings resulting from the closure of schools.
Maintenance costs, electricty and water bills and additional man power wages will be significantly reduced.
These cost savings should be passed onto parents and school fees should be reduced whilst remote learning is active.
It is commendable to note that teachers are putting in immense effort during this time but are semi isloated with the current situation. Teachers are not burdened with multiple students on a daily basis and therefore their workload has been reduced too. It is also important to note that e-learning has significant costs for parents such as procuring of laptops and internet connectivity which is very costly in this part of the world.
Students on remote learning need to be assisted and spoon fed by parents which takes siginificant time away from day to day businesses that they run.
Although this pandemic is beyond anyone's control, school fees need to be justified to cushion other costs and resources parents are enduring.

We, the undersigned parents call on the following schools to consider reducing school fee's during this pandemic:
Hillview International Primary School
Hillview International High School
Phoenix International Primary School
Saint Andrews International Primary School
Saint Andrews International High School
Bishop Mackenzie International School

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