Coalition government
United Kingdom

ATL believes modestly-paid education staff deserve good pensions as part of a fair remuneration package with enough income to live independently and with dignity in retirement.

The coalition government plans huge reforms to public sector pensions, potentially telling education professionals:

You must pay more for your pension;

You must work longer before getting it;

You will get less money in retirement;

Say no to paying more, working longer, getting less!

Sign this petition to join ATL in speaking out for pensions; rejecting attempts to force reform on recently reviewed schemes; and telling the coalition government that this triple whammy of change is unacceptable.

We, the undersigned, join ATL to call on the coalition government to protect the pensions of teachers, lecturers, support staff and school and college leaders.

We argue there is no need for this triple whammy - to pay more, work longer and get less, and we oppose any further changes.

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