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This program is completely voluntary. but the salvage yards will not be able to sell Engines, and Transmissions that could be used to maintain an older car.

Currently there's a bill called "Cash for Clunkers" which the government will proposed federal program that would encourage consumers to trade in gas-guzzlers or older cars for new cars that get better fuel economy, and that new cars are safer then the older cars.

The government will pay $2000 dollars to $4000 depending on the fuel economy of the new car compared to the older car, when the trade is made the older car will be crushed as well with the Engine and transmission and not be sold again! the Engines and transmissions will be crushed. which people can use in current cars of the same make and model that need engines or transmissions for their cars to run.

The government will send the money to the dealer via electronic voucher...

Stand for the right to have parts for your older cars by petitioning against the new law "Cash for Clunkers". If passed you will no longer be able to buy used parts at salvage yards including all parts related to the engine, and the engine itsself, as well as the transmissions and parts contained therein, will not be sold.

What happens to the car that you trade in? The dealer is responsible for sending the vehicle to a disposal facility. The entire vehicle will be crushed or shredded so that the car does not end up on the road again.

Since the "clunkers or Old Cars" will be taken off the road, there will be fewer older vehicles in the marketplace, and few parts for running cars to use.

And for low income Americans to buy a new car and having insurance, they will not be able to afford. This law will be very bad for the economy at this time.

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