Hampshire wildlife trust and Hampshire county council
United Kingdom

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife trust (HWT) in conjunction with Hampshire Council and Foot Print Ecology are planning to graze livestock (the current plan is to graze cattle and ponies) on Yateley common (both sides of the A30) Blackbushe and Hartford Bridge flats.  In order to do this they will need to erect boundary fencing, cattle grids and gates.

The HWT gave the public a chance to air their views last Saturday 15th September at the Tythings, however many concerned people were not aware this “consultation” was taking place. Therefore we feel it necessary to start a petition ensuring all those opposed to the grazing of livestock on the common have a voice.
Research on the internet shows that these conservation grazing projects are causing problems to common land users all over the country, with gates and cattle grids being installed often without authorisation from the Highway Authority. Self closing gate mechanisms like rat traps are causing horrific accidents to horses attempting to pass through the gates, and cattle grids that often obstruct the right of way are causing accidents to people on foot, ridden horses as well as the grazing stock.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop the proposed plans by Hampshire council and Hampshire Wild Life Trust to graze livestock on Yateley common (plus surrounding areas) and erecting boundary fencing, cattle grids and gates.

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