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Amazon, who launched WriteOn in 2014, has decided to close the site due to the fact that it did not generate the number of users they had hoped, leaving an entire community feeling the loss of a place they have come to call home.

We believe that the original goal and expectation (as stated in press releases and articles) to compete with other sites, such as Wattpad, should be amended. The new goal should be to support the writers who so often end up posting their work on Amazon's Kindle Scout, and Kindle Direct Publishing ("KDP"). In so doing, both writers and readers will continue to be drawn to Amazon, where they will make purchases that grow Amazon as a whole.

As a community of writers, we will continue to hone our craft through the feedback we get from both readers and other writers. We commit to the standards and excellence that have made WriteOn such a wonderful community, and an extension that Amazon can be proud of.

Please, join me in petitioning Amazon to find a way to save our site, and to allow us to continue to WriteOn!

We, the undersigned, petition Amazon to continue to make the WriteOn site available to its readers and writers from all corners of the globe. It is a place where wonderfully creative people meet, support each other, and work together to improve the quality of their craft. Please, SAVE WRITEON!!!

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