Westminster City Council
United Kingdom

Westminster Pre-school Learning Alliance is made up of nine (9) community nurseries and has been receiving a grant to enable affordable nurseries in the area. Westminster Council has cut approximately £45,000 in funding to each nursery by taking away this grant. The nine nurseries affected are: Parkview Lodge Pre-School (Westbourne Area), Moorhouse Pre-School (Westbourne Area), The Vestry (Abbey Rd/Maida Vale Area), St. James Community Pre-School (Bayswater Area), Ashmore Pre-School (Queen’s Park Area), Fisherton Street Pre-School (Church Street Area), Independent Mother's Pre-school, (Church Street Area), Barrow Hill (St. John’s Wood Area), Elgin Pre-School (Harrow Road Area).

Not only have the cuts been made, but additional expenses formerly covered by the grant such as cleaning, accounting, and rent now are each nurseries’ responsibility. These cuts and additional expenses pressure these nurseries to drastically increase fees in order to survive. These nurseries are in jeopardy of closing.

Withdrawal of the nurseries means:

- Extra strain for parents who are already under a lot of pressure balancing finances, work and family;

- Discouragement for parents to access jobs/education due to limited children facilities;

- Loss of jobs and no redundancy packages to dedicated members of staff who have been working for the nurseries for as long as 20 years.

We the undersigned, call on the Westminster City Council and the relevant authorities, to reinstate the grant to the Westminster Pre-school Learning Alliance nurseries and/or to allow the nurseries time to financially prepare for these cuts.

We are aware of the financial situation our government is in, but we are dismayed that child-welfare and education should be sacrificed to such an extent.

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