Middle School band members and directors
United States of America

Due to lack of funding, Wake County's All County Band has been officially suspended for the year of 2009.

This petition is asking for YOUR support to bring back 2009's All County band.

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Here are just some of the reasons to bring it back:

- Gives students a chance to succeed, when they feel they will be unable to succeed at All District and All State;

- Students are unwilling to practice to achieve the levels they feel they will not succeed at, which degrades the quality of their school band;

- Making All County gives students a feeling of success which will make them try harder to achieve higher competition levels;

- All County gives students practice for other auditions and even for job interviews in the future;

- Students also have a chance at All County to make friends and compare techniques with students at nearby schools and form lasting friendships;

- All County gives the Band Directors a chance to show off their students and share techniques with other band directors;

- and finally, All County gives the schools a reason to be proud of their band students.

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