New York State Health Government
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Throughout the nation of the United States of America there are a countless amount of states that don't require doctors of any sort to report substance abuse amongst pregnant women.

This is a growing epidemic in the situation of health and our future, unborn generations. The legalizing of drugs is already being permitted in certain states, which will ultimately lead to addiction- some being women who will become pregnant. The objective of this petition is to start having a voice for the unborn children and saving their health one state at a time. Some states, by law are allowed to overlook pregnant substance abusers, which does more harm to the fetus than anyone is aware of.

We need to start by petitioning the idea of ignorance and start making it mandatory to get health officials more involved in seeking treatment for their impotent patients.

We, the undersigned, call on health officials to start making drug reports mandatory for any woman who is pregnant.

Any woman that tests positive for drug abuse, especially in their first trimester, must be reported and sent for treatment for the sake of the baby's and mother's health.

We need to raise awareness to the issue of substance abuse and how it will affect all of the unborn children that's no fault of their own.

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