Disney isn't adding anything new to Toontown. No new Cogs, no new gags, no new ToonTasks, and no new nothing, everything that comes out nowadays is directed towards new Toons, and Toons who aren't even Members.

But worst of all is Disney is letting new players wander about wherever they want, so now you have Toons sneaking their way through the Factory all the time. I've seen 15 Laff Toons with Level 2 gags try to fight the VP. Disney put the Lawbot HQ in The Brrrgh, then they made a shortcut to get there, so small Toons made it impossible for higher Toons to find a good team for the DA's Office.

They put the Bossbot HQ off Donald's Dock where all a Toon has to do is go down 2 easy streets and cross 3 playgrounds, making it hard for high Toons that need at The Front Three. Remember, you need to defeat a bunch of Version 2.0 Cogs to get your Bossbot suit, and that is the only place you get them.

We, the undersigned, call on Disney to:

*Come out with something benefical and fun for all Toons.


*New gags, including that gag Gavel.
*New ToonTasks, like defeat the VP.
*More Sellbot Factories.
*Cog Nation.
*Funny Farms.
*The Goat, Chicken, and Cow Toon species.

*Toons to be able to:

*Carry all gag tracks, making you get Drop, Throw, and Squirt when you first start Toontown.
*Have 75 friends.

*Keep non-members inside Toontown Central, and don't allow access to the next playground until they have teleport access to the present one.
*Create a District that is the same as Toontown Beta 1.

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The Save Toontown petition to Disney was written by Daniel Denekamp and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.