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UPDATE - Amy Adams has advised that she is not able to intervene as Minister of Justice and that the appeal will have to be put before the NZ Parliament to change the HART Act. This petition will therefore be added to an application to the NZ Government.

On November 22nd 2014, 2,000 NZ children, frozen as embryos, are to be destroyed over the following year. This action is in accordance with the HART Act of 2004 in NZ, which prohibits them being kept any longer in frozen storage facilities without ethical approval. Their lives will be ended unless some intervention is carried out. They are also not protected from scientific experimentation under NZ law.

I have been in dialogue with my MP Jaqui Dean who has sent my concerns to Dr Johnathan Coleman, the Minister of health, who has in turn written to the Minister of Justice Amy Adams. She has recommended a course of action to bring the matter before the NZ Government.

The HART clinics have been working with the department of Health to contact parents. Time is running out for these little lives to be saved before November 22nd.

Only a ministerial action can intervene to stop their destruction in time.

From November 22nd 2014, 2,000 NZ children, frozen as embryos, will not be given a chance to have a life. Over the next year, they are to be destroyed in accordance with the HART Act 2004, which prohibits the keeping of gametes, or human life in the embryonic stage, after 10 years without ethical approval. Whist HART clinics with the Health department support are trying to contact parents, the deadline of the 'expiry date' is now past.

We asked that Amy Adams, the Minister of Justice, intervene to save these tiny lives from destruction. Since she is unable to do this, we will now petition the NZ Government to change the HART Act, to protect these children from scientific experimentation, contact the parents and assist them in finding a way to give them a chance at life. Every year in NZ, there will be more babies reaching this ten year mark and destined for destruction. In cases where there is parental desertion, the Governemnt has a responsibility to care for children of any age, under NZ law.

"Snowflake Babies" refers not just to these little ones frozen state of being. They are wondrously unique creations, just like snowflakes are unique in their pattern, no two the same. Both only visible under a microscope in their beauty. White in their innocence, these tiny creations just need the chance to grow as humanity. After all, we were all just a 5 day old embryo at one stage of our lives! We ask "please have a 'HEART!"

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