#Residential Disputes
Frankston Council

The Seaford Cabin Park has existed on its present site for 60 years and provides affordable low cost housing, in a secure environment, for disadvantaged families. Part of the cabin park is on crown land, leased from the Frankston Council.

The Council have now decided not to continue the lease and construct a car park. This will result in some 50 cabins and 80 residents no longer having a home.

The Frankston and Seaford area are in crisis mode for low cost housing. Very few opportunities exist for people like us, who have limited financial means, to find alternative housing like the Seaford Cabin Park. If we are removed from here the chances are many of us will become homeless.

We are seeking your support to sign our petition to the Frankston Council to allow us to continue living in our homes.

We, the undersigned, support the continuation of the Frankston Council leasing the Crown Land that provides the valuable low cost housing to the disadvantaged families at the Seaford Cabin Park.

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The Save the Seaford Cabin Park petition to Frankston Council was written by George Zajcew and is in the category Residential Disputes at GoPetition.