City of Holdfast Bay Council; Lord Mayor Ken Rollond

This is a simple plea in-spite of the Millions to be spent shifting sand artificially along the Adelaide Coastline. While there are other, more effective and long term solutions being washed up on Glenelg Esplanade.

Noone could artificial develop anything as environmentally friendly as this sand-trapping solution, ingeniously invented to the beach by a storm. Let alone as cost effective.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Holdfast Bay Council to not take action, not make unnecessary expenditures and let nature do what it does best. Solve imbalances cause by Human meddling.

The Seaweed washed up by recent storms is nothing short of a well timed gift to the local region's ecology and coastal health. Seaweed happens to provide the perfect Sand-Trap and method for rejuvenation of decimated sand-reserves/dunes.

To suggest these monolithic eye-sores dotted along the esplanade; pumping stations and pipelines. Are more aesthetic than seeing Seaweed naturally piled on the sand, is a mockery of common sense. Which is simply all that would be proved/communicated by adverse efforts to obstruct the course of nature.

We suggest if the Council is to take any fickle advice from the disgruntled public, it be to install a very inexpensive webcam over the Glenelg beach. So that those whom find the smell of the Beach re-pungent, need not walk outside to the Beach, but sit comfortably desensitized to the world and observe it from the sanctity of their own homes.

And would like to add the observation, that no endeavor to promote youth and art culture at Glenelg, has been as successful at getting young people playing and enjoying the Beaches, than this Seaweed. As well as the mound of Sand that was left by machinery digging for the pipeline (now removed), being a more successful tourist attraction, than the New-Historic Tram Museum.

In sight of past efforts and their consequential costs, of pushing the Seaweed back into the Ocean, rather than selling it to fertilizer companies as in the past. Resulting in moving these piles meters down the beach front.

We strongly feel, the least intrusive and heinous course of action, as aforementioned, would be to leave the aftermath of a storm to do what it does best. Recuperate the sand lost from that storm and protect the beach from future erosion.

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