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Milton City Council
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This petition has been written in an effort to convince the Milton City Council that their poor decision not to accept the offer from the Van Buren School Board (to acquire the school building & sell it to an individual)has an adverse affect on the community, alumni and City of Milton.

The Building is in very good condition and will cost an exorbitant amount to tear down and haul away. Concerned citizens and alumni have shown overwhelming suport in keeping the building for use as a meeting place, community center and place of business which would better the community and also attract tourism, etc.

Related address: foxvalleyalumni@yahoogroups.com

We, the people interested in saving the Milton School Building, petition the City of Milton to reverse the decision to allow the demolition of the school building.

It is our firm belief that the building, being structurally sound, would be a good source of revenue for the city, and has many potential uses that could greatly benefit Milton. It is also crucial to the heritage of the Milton/Fox Valley Alumni Association and qualifies as a historical landmark.

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