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After 11 years working and exhibiting at dinosaur adventure in Lenwade, Mr Tony Pusey (better known as the dinosculptor) has been told his lease shall end on Aug 31st 2015.

The man himself has built his business from the ground up by working 7 days a week, even winning awards overseas and appearing in royal garden shows and is now one of the most popular attractions at dinosaur adventure. Sadly for the visiting public his amazing creations will no longer be on display in this location.

By so abruptly ending the lease it not only takes away the art from view it also leaves the dinosculptor without work space to create such wonderful things. being the only man in the world that can do what he does it would be a great loss not only to the art world but to the many loyal visitors he see's every year.

Please sign this petition and show your support.

We understand that the dinosculptor's lease is coming to an end and that he will no longer be able to work or exhibit at Dinosaur adventure.

We would like you to reconsider this action and renew his lease.

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