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First I would like to say that I am only a 6th Grader speaking out for the Cougars. I first found out about Cougars being killed at an exhibition about photography. While there I saw the cutest baby cat in the world in a photo. Then I read the information about the photo. The mom of this cat was shot and killed by us humans. In the photo the little one was obviously under the observation of scientists for she had a little light on her ear and a cord going down from her head to her body. Cougars are not aggresive cats. They do not attack unless provoked or cornered. Normaly a Cougar will stay away from humans and are shy towards them. But we humans have not outlawed killing them in all states of the US. They are animals like all others and I believe that they should not be killed unless they are attacking you which, as I said before, they will not do unless you provoke them. These cats are usually harmless and we should not be killing them. We are a disgrace to human beings as we are kiling our fellow animals. I want this outlawed as soon as possible and I hope many people do so too. Please help, Reef.

I, Reef Ziegelbauer, call on the people to join me in saving the Cougars, to put in signatures for this petition and put a stop to these useless killings. I call on you to do so by puting in a signature for the US Government to pass the law to save the Cougars. Please help, Reef.

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