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The Cherry Tree Pub is situated on the tip of the Woodston community in Peterborough. The doors were closed by land owners Milton Estates in November 2016 and have remained shut despite interested parties expressing an interest to take it on.
The building consists of two bars, lower floor space, a large function room and a beer garden full of trees, hedgerows and local wildlife.
It has an charming façade which draws the eye as you walk along Oundle Road either into town or heading back towards the local streets.
The actual date of build is unknown at this time but its thought to be around 200 years old as there are maps showing its existence from around the 1840s.
So what makes this lively pub so special?
The spacious and beautiful beer garden where children can play well away from the busy main road so the parents can rest at ease knowing all is safe and well.
If you are an away football fan - then you will have had a beer at the Cherry Tree - on your way to a Peterborough United game.
And for those who have reached and passed retirement age - this pub was a safe venue for you to eat and chat and talk. A way of breaking the silence if you live alone.
Another major claim for the pub - it has promoted live music throughout the recent years which has seen many bands go on to bigger and better things.
The Cherry Tree pub, fosters greater local activity and brings residents, the local business community and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their area.
The Cherry Tree is much, missed asset of the Woodston community and our aim is to hear its heart beating once more.

We the undersigned, call upon Milton Estates, to re-open the Cherry Tree Pub's doors and safeguard the function room and spacious beer garden so it can maintain its community role for the residents of Woodston.
This pub is known as a live music venue and a meeting place for football fans from in and outside Peterborough. It attracts families, the young and old, and is a Community asset; bringing everyone together to improve the quality of life in the local area.

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