University of Leeds
United Kingdom


At a meeting of the Senate on February 4th 2009 at the University of Leeds, the decision to disband the Centre for Joint Honours was put to final vote and passed.

If you value the pastoral, academic, and other general support that the CJH offers you at university, show your support for your joint honours team on this group.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Senate/administration of the University of Leeds to reverse their decision to disband the Centre for Joint Honours.

We believe the services (academic, pastoral, administrative and other) provided by the CJH staff are essential to the academic success of current and prospective Joint Honours students, and we believe splitting JH services amongst teaching Schools could prove detrimental to many JH students.

We propose that the CJH at Leeds is recognised as a marker of excellence in provision for JH degree students by many other UK institutions, and call upon the University of Leeds to continue to offer the specialised support needed by keeping the CJH open.

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