#Children's Rights
Andy Plumley, James Sandoval and Timothy White
United States of America

The UCR Child Development Center released a letter to families participating in the subsidized child care program in mid April 2011. The program has provided more than a 70% reduction to low income families to allow their children the opportunity to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment – an opportunity that most of the families would not have otherwise had.

The letter stated the subsidized program will no longer be offered to faculty and staff families (student staff will remain on the program) effective June 2011 giving the families less than two months to come up with an alternative plan for their children.

If action is not taken these families will not have the quality child care needed to continue to nourish their children’s education and social skills.

We, UCR faculty, staff and students, call on the UCR faculty, staff, students and local community to not allow an end to the UCR Child Development Center subsidized program.

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