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We are a small compliant running for 10 years and a single complain in 10 years is going to close us. When other companies are flouting the law and selling illegal substances.

Booze Manchester, Dial a drink, booze doctor (name stolen from us) are all owned by Adam Thompson who is in prison for attempted murder, this is a massive breach of his personal licence, however the company still trades.

I have a little marketing that was both funny and loosely based on the old english term 'what's your medicine' adapted by Damian Hurst in the famous Pharmacy bar and the ASA want us to change everything.

Dr Pepper, Rug Doctor, Food Doctor and Drain Doctor are established companies which are for some reason exempt from this clause.

We never state, suggest or promote the fact of alcohol having ANY therapeutic qualities and unlike the 'Guinness is good for you' campaign of the past we state its not good for you and 'in moderation', not serving MANY we believe have a problem with alcohol or are clearly too drunk when we go to deliver.

Please sign so we get to keep our 'Boozebulance' which is loved and shared daily on social platforms by the great people of Manchester.

This and our Name 'Drink Doctor' have been killed off by ONE complaint in 10 years by the ASA, who state we are promoting the therapeutic qualities of alcohol. WE ARE NOT.

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