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Many elementary schools are depriving their students of fine art classes, such as band, choir, drama, etc. Elementary schools are given a fund of roughly about $100,000 yearly for the curriculum.

Theres a certain percentage amount of money for "critical" subjects, and the remaining is spent on anything extra for the school, like music, and the budgets are going to be cut in a year, or earlier (the current year is 2008), and the schools figure because of this, the first thing the schools think they can go without are the fine arts, especially those corresponding with music (band & choir).

As a result, more high school drop-outs. Which brings me to my conclusion, as to the reason for the petition, the California Government needs to provide a percentage of their funds to the school needs to go to the fine arts permanently.

100,000 signatures is what i need in order to give funding to fine art subjects permanently.

All signatures count, there are no age restrictions.

Yours counts especially, because you are helping reduce the amount of High School drop-outs.

Thank you for your support

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