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President Barack Obama
United States of America

We are in a recession and bailing out companies with the Americans' tax dollars and it's not working. The Government wants health care reform by hiking up all the taxes which we the American people already pay.

If the average American got this stimulus package it would give them the ability to pay their debt ie, Mortgages, loans, medical and dental expenses, educational expenses. It would allow us the freedom to spend money on insurance for our family's, send our children through college, avoid foreclosures, repo's, the seniors could pay their outstanding medical bills and get out of debt which would regenerate the economy by putting the money back into the lending companies, banks, government and other companies big and small.

We bailed out the Corp Company's now it's time to start back at ground zero with the little people that work at the stores, secretaries, medical offices, teachers, etc. Some even don't have jobs anymore due to this recession and have lost everything they have worked so hard for, we are having to decide weather to feed our children or pay a loan, to pay our car payments or keep a roof over our heads, these are not easy decision but we are having to face them.

I purpose that we get a Financial Stimulus taxed package ranging from $100.000 per single family to $250.000 for a two parent household based on an annual income range from $70.000 or less. We need help now not later. It's time to make a change for the American people.

We, the undersigned, call on President Barack Obama to grant a financial stimulus taxed reform package so every household in America gets the amount ranging from $100.000 to $250.000.

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