#Local Government
London Borough of Newham Mayor and Council
United Kingdom

The children's library at Stratford Library is a vital community resource and an important and necessary investment in the children and young people of our community, where children from babies to teens gather to read, explore, and learn.

Current plans will drastically reduce the size of this space after a six-month closure from 1st October 2011. The community was not consulted in the plans for our library.

The Stratford children's library is heavily used in its current size. In a reduced size it would become over-crowded and would drive children and parents away.

The destruction of our treasured children's library space will be a disinvestment from a whole generation of young people and could have devastating long-term effects. It represents a betrayal of Newham's pledge to invest in our young people and regenerate our community.

We, the undersigned, living, working, or studying in the London Borough of Newham, call on Newham Mayor Robin Wales and the Newham Local Council to put a stop to plans to reduce the size of the children's library at Stratford Library.

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