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Australian Government

In 2003 the RSPCA successfully banned the docking of the tails of dogs with the sad excuse that it hurts them, that it is un-necessary and that it's only done for looks. This completely un-informed statement has led to the suffering of many Rottweiler's and Doberman's.

I have worked with these dogs, both with the tails docked and the inhumane non-docked tails. These dogs have great personalities, however the dogs with the un-docked tails suffered back and hind leg problems caused by the weight of the tail, hygiene problems (with their natural cleanliness) which caused extreme pain, and repeated tail injury from working with cattle and from general dog life in the bush. I don't like to see these dogs suffer.

Two of these dogs had to be put down due to the problems that their tails had caused as their hind legs as well as the injuries to their tails caused by just being dogs, running and playing.

I would like to legalise the docking of dogs tails on Rottweiler's and Doberman's providing that it is done humanely (no more than 2 days after birth) by vets and responsible farmers such as myself who know what we are doing and how to do it humanely, in order to prevent their suffering caused by naieve people and the naive RSPCA who have never seen what happens when their tails aren't docked.

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