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My family and I have resided in Parker Island aka "Palm Haven Estates" located off County Rd 29, Lake Placid, FL, for 11 years. The best thing about the purchasing our home and land was for the "QUALITY OF THE GREATEST WATER AROUND". We have had the best drinking and cooking water here, until the beginning of 2003. Our water has been tainted due to the fact of excessive pumping from "Heartland Waters". This water is being pumped from my families backyard, the traffic of all hours is unbearable. Especially to those of us whom are waken from sleep due to the noise.

I have children that go to school everyday tired from a lack of sleep, I myself am a mason by trade and need sleep too. I noticed sand in the bottom of our glasses, and my fish tanks as well as my pool, which also brings on an uncontrolable amount of algea build up. I also notice in the bottom of a cup this am, of 03/11/2003 some type of grit and greenish colored substance. Which took bleach to remove the stain. I have never in the 11 years I have lived here needed bleach for my clothes (which are starting to yellow). Much less needed bleach for my dishes. Please don't forget about our personal cleansing I myself have finicky skin and even the softest soap such as Dove, Lever 2000 is rough on my skin. I feel that yes my neighbors are suffering from the same problems. This pumping is causing a road attached to my propety aka "Coots Road" to cave in. (Which the residents have chosen to claim as theirs and fenced it off). They are also dumping some type of fluid into the canal (county maintained) which is also attached TO MY LAND, which is discoloring the water. Keep in mind my children love to fish and do so in this now putrid canal. Which is being ruined by "Heartland Water" excessive pumping. I personally am going to be at a loss of a safe environment if this pumping continues. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION AND SAVE "PARKER ISLAND"

Thank You Shara Michaelsen


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The SAVE PARKER ISLANDS WATER petition to HIGHLANDS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS was written by Shara Michaelsen and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.