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This is a petition against the EU removing the measure of power "watts" from lightbulbs and replacing them with the measure "lumens". From September next year, lightbulbs in the European Union will no longer be marked with wattage, they will instead be marked in lumens. There is fear these bulbs are linked to several health issues including skin rashes, migraine and epilepsy. There are also safety concerns because of their mercury content, which makes them difficult and dangerous to dispose of. Watts is our standard measure for the power produced by a lightbulb and is understood worldwide. This will also undoubtly have an affect on our children aswell, as watts is often used in Physics and is an intracil part of it. However without this in mainstream society, it will most likely prove to be negative on our children's understanding of the measure.

The Watt is named after Scotsman James Watt, the developer of the steam engine amongst other creations such as rotary engine and letter copying press (essentialy a very early photocopier). The unit of power was first accepted into the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1889 and since it's acception into the International System of Units in 1960 it has been ever-present on almost every lightbulb world-wide.

We, the undersigned, demand an EU referendum against the ruling of "wattage" being removed from lightbulbs and replaced with "lumens".

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