#City & Town Planning
Brighton & Hove City Council
United Kingdom

*This is an online version of a petition launched on 5th October 2011, by Hangleton & Knoll Councillor, Brian Fitch.*

Did you know that Brighton & Hove’s Green Council plans to allow a local green open space, Toads Hole Valley, to be concreted over and developed into Housing?

Due to changes to the planning law by the Coalition Government, a host of safeguards have been removed & replaced with a ‘presumption to build’. Gone, for example, are rules which prioritised brown-field sites first for development.

In light of these changes, the Green Council have perversely decided to give developers the green light to concrete over green space & build housing on Toads Hole Valley.

We are deeply opposed to these planning changes, as well as the Green Council’s plans to give the go-ahead for Toads Hole Valley to be concreted & built on.

That is why we are campaigning for Brighton & Hove’s Green Council to reverse their decision.

We the undersigned support the campaign organised by National Trust to stop the Conservative-led Government building on and desecrating our countryside.

Locally, our own Toad’s Hole Valley is under threat of development, as has been highlighted in the local press.

We therefore urge Brighton & Hove’s Green Council to reject any plans for development on Toad’s Hole Valley, protecting its use for local residents, children and as a haven for wildlife.

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