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The minister for Health and Children has said that the government is determined to proceed with the development of a new national children's Hospital on a site at the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

I am all for a new and bigger National Children's Hospital,

But what we are looking for is that Our Lady's Children's Hospital be kept at its currant location. The loss of this Hospital to the local people and patients far and wide would be a great blow.

We are fighting to keep our hospital where it is.

The Mater Hospital in the Taoiseach’s constituency was chosen by government in June 2006 as the site for the New National Paediatric Hospital (NNPH). Not only is it to be the national tertiary hospital for the whole country but, alarmingly, and on no evidence-base, it is also to be the only one in the greater Dublin region providing 24-hour care for children; having the only inpatient beds; the only overnight beds and the only Emergency Department - next “port-of-call” Drogheda, Mullingar, Portlaoise and Wexford hospitals.

Would you want to be a critically-ill or injured child in the back of an ambulance trying to get to the greater Dublin region’s only Children’s Emergency Department at the Mater? Just, please; do not plan it during a marathon, an All-Ireland at Croke Park, a gig at the Point or the RDS or the many other happy occasions that cause gridlock in our city centre.

I am asking for you to please sign this petition in support of keeping all services in Our Lady's Children's Hospital In Crumlin.

It will be a great loss to our area and to our children's health alike.

The health service is not for sale for the rich to be given tax incentives but to provide the effective service we as human beings should demand as a right. Doctors like Crowne, nelligan and Bhreathnach are to be commended for their stance and we must support them against a government, which is bordering on the tactics of mccarthyism, witchunting and censorship.

In December of 06, nursing staff at Crumlin issued a statement saying that a world class children's Hospital had been promised but what was being offered was a facility with fewer beds, less space and poorer facilities than patients and their families currently enjoy in Dublin's three existing hospitals.

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