Clackamas and Happy Valley
United States of America

Clackamas County Library has proposed to demolish green space to build a parking lot for the proposed re-location of Clackamas County Public Library. The 1.5 acres was designed as a flood control water retention area for the Department of Water and Environmental Services (WES) and has evolved into a frequently used community space.

Instead of utilizing three (3) vacant lots directly adjacent to the proposed library, Clackamas Public Library has proposed to reduce the amount of green space in the neighborhood. In fact, if the proposed library passes, then the green space would be further utilized by the community.

The proposed library parking lot site would be located directly next to and along side a children's playground and wilderness area. Public safety and environmental issues should be further examined.

We, the undersigned, request Clackamas Public Library and the City of Happy Valley Council find an alternative site for the proposed Clackamas County Public Library parking lot.

If not, re-evaluate the long-term (20 year) viability of resources to serve a growing population of Clackamas and Happy Valley residents within a limited building space (library may need to relocate to a larger building within 3-5 years).

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