#Civil Rights
Sunrise, and whichever Governmental body they send their petition to.

In Australia, there’s a morning show called Sunrise. It’s a pop vox piece with news, current affairs, and very hack journalism. Normally it’s harmless, but today they had a special on ’school bullying’, I listened with interest, having suffered at the hands of bullies, and even at times become one myself, it’s an interesting aspect of growing up that people tend to overlook as far as an emotional and psychological developmental factor in life.

I thought their piece was cute, and as always they ran their usual implementing social justice using their huge fan list and a petition, up until I heard the advert they’re running to promote their campaign. This time they’ve gone too far.

They wish to urge the Australian government to appoint an independent regulator for social media sites. No. Sunrise, no. You will get signatures and support from idiots who don’t realise the danger of what you are suggesting. I am sure that Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter as corporations will lose all respect for our molly coddled nation, with our notorious breach of civil liberties as far as Stephen Conroy’s conjob of the ‘great firewall of australia’ as the government intends to censor our net, or the fact our government do not feel our citizens are old or mature enough to decide on their own entertainment with video games and a lack of R18+ (therefore if a game isn’t suitable for 15 year olds it’s banned) but having our government go to these corporations and say “Sup guise, we want this net nanny to sit on your boards or we’re packing up our toys and going home.” is just ridiculous.

Sunrise needs to google “net neutrality” and get in touch with the people it’s attempting to represent in an ad hoc fashion and appreciate that whilst they will always get a ground swell of bleeding heart viewers, they can, and in this instance have, overstepped the mark. We are not a dictatorship, and our Government interferes with the average citizens life far more than it should in any democratic culture in this nation as it is.

We, as Australian citizens, do not believe that the Government should appoint or in any way implement regulation of the internet, or social media / networking websites.

Whilst we understand the good natured innocence of Sunrise and other parties pushing for this, we have misgivings for their evaluation of the civil liberties impact such actions would have on all Australians.

Leave our 'net alone.

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