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Mediacorp, NAC, MCI

Taken from ilistentolush.com:

"Lush 99.5FM will be stopping transmission on 31st August at 1159pm after 13 years. Whilst we have built a loyal core of followers, the listeners, who are supporters of local music, we have not managed to grow the base of listeners enough to sustain the operating costs of the station."
Letting Lush die is as good as telling local musicians to give up. As Singaporeans, it is our duty to ensure that our local musicians have a platform like Lush to showcase their works.

No other radio station has supported local music as much as Lush has. It is also the only radio station in Singapore to play alternative forms of music as much as it does. We would like to appeal to Mediacorp, NAC and MCI to keep Lush alive. It plays a crucial role in the development and support of the music and arts scene in Singapore. It has also helped cater to a segment of the population that has grown tired and disillusioned with the regular 'hits' that we hear on the radio.
Please sign this petition and hopefully, we can keep Lush alive.

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