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Shark Bar & Grill is an Establishment derived of 48 local Artists and their work, 17 employees, and have hired 116
musicians/entertainers. We serve Beer & Wine. Since we took over House of the Rising Sun on September 30th,
2017, we have had great success. We have bonded with many of our local residents and drawn curiosity from as far
as Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. We are locally surrounded by Palm Isles, Boardwalk Caper, Bayside Estates, Tip Top
Isles, and Siesta Isles to name a few of the community we serve. From the feedback we have received from our
patrons, they are very happy to see a place with such great energy, unique fair, outdoor entertainment and events.
SB&G is a comfortable, clean, relaxing establishment. Neighbours have told us that the noise level is fine and most
can’t even hear it across the street due to the ambient noise of the traffic. Neighbors are in favour of all the
improvements and the new establishments to come on this strip. We have been told they are tired of seeing vacant,
rundown buildings on the way to FMB. They are also in favour of more outdoor entertainment, events and music.

SB&G had a hearing set for a Special Exception to allow for outdoor seating and consumption in October. Due to
Hurricane IRMA, this hearing was delayed by more than a month. If you are happy with us being here and would like
to see SB&G to continue to grow, with an immediate approval decision from the Hearing Examiner on Nov 29th, please sign below.
Personal statements of support can be emailed to sharkbarfmb@gmail.com.
All signatures are required for submission by Friday, November 24th.

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