Asheville, NC
United States of America

Kaycen is a 9 year old boy who was dealing with being torn between living with his mother and younger brothers or his grandparents where he was a little spoiled. Then had to deal with his 2 younger cousin being adopted by his grandparents, which, took some attention from him and also hurt cause he too wanted to be adopted by them. As any child he was having a hard time dealing with his emotions and started to act out. Kaycen was taken into the department's custody, removed from his loving home and placed into a level 2 therapeutic foster home. He has been moved between 3 foster homes, one he was abused by being hit with a broom stick. Can you imagine being a 9 year old child ripped away from family to be placed with strangers that mistreat you. He has been sent to copestone 3 times due to him acting out in hopes to be sent back home. Unfortunately, instead of listening to Kaycen's desire to go home or acknowledging his behavior as a cry to go home, they lie about letting him visit to get him to calm down or behave longer periods of time. When he behaves the department does not uphold their word, they lessen his visits and calls to his family. The department only focuses on medication and leveling him up to PRTF, basically a childs pycho hospital. They have him on 3 different mood stabilizers, which all have side effects of fatigue and mood swings. The department refuses to acknowledge this gives a higher risk to experience these side effects and a high possibility that that could be the cause of worsening behavior as well. He is more fatigued with reports from school he now falls asleep in class. So now Kaycen's education is at jeopardy. While he needs help managing his emotions, since he has went long periods with no aggressive behavior, he does not need to be in a hospital where they hold him down until he is calm, or if doesnt calm be medicated. He needs his family. His grandparents are a licenced foster home, willing to get a therapeutic licence. The department is unwilling to place him back in the home. Using lies and false allegations as the reason. If Kaycen has to endure this much longer they will completely ruin this child. He is crying out to come home and they are NEGLECTING this child and causing irreversible damage and trauma to this innocent child. Please help us save Kaycen and bring him home to a loving family that wants to help and support him through these traumatic events he has been forced to endure. No child should have to feel this pain of forced separation, or of wondering why he cannot come home... Please help us help him. Please sign and share this. Any help, information, ideas, anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

We the undersigned are asking the department of child protective services to allow Kaycen Hopper to return home to his maternal grandparents to live. Where he will still receive services needed to address any issues he has while in a loving family environment that he needs in order to overcome the issues he has. Please realize that by keeping him from his family will only cause him to give up and continue acting out. Resulting in another child stuck in a system being in and out of homes and hospitals. Then into an adult in and out of jail unable to sustain positive relationships. If the best interest of the child is what you really seek, you have to see the damage is in keeping him away.

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