#Colorado History
John Bosco and share holders

The hotel Colorado was established by Walter Deavor out in 1893.

The hotel quickly became a popular summer retreat, earning the nickname of "the little White House of the West" after extended visits by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft . The Teddy Bear was invented during President Roosevelt's 1905 visit when the hotel's maids presented him with a stuffed bear pieced together with scraps of fine material.

In 1942, the hotel was leased to the United States Navy for use as a hospital. The U.S. Naval Convalescent Hospital was commissioned on July 5, 1943 and served over 6,500 patients by the end of 1945. The hospital was decommissioned in 1946.

The National Trust's Historic Hotels of America added the Hotel Colorado to its list in April 2007. (So why are they gutting it)?

We the undersigned call to John Bosco and shareholders of the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs to preserve a part of Colorado's vast history of the Hotel Colorado.
We the undersigned vow to boycott the Hotel Colorado if changes are made to conform the historic hotel into a chain hotel removing all of the history and charm.

This boycott will be passed on globally. There are numerous Colorado residents who frequent the Hotel Colorado for its history alone, and recommend it to friends and family from all over the world who come to visit to be a part of Colorado's history. If The hotel is stripped of the history, and modernized into a chain hotel atmosphere, there will be a tragic loss of this legendary landmark. We will no longer visit or recommend the Hotel Colorado to anyone, and in fact ask all of our friends and and networks ZNOT TO GO TO HOTEL COLORADO!

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