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For years students such as myself have been planning what they will do with their lives. Many of us intended to go on to university to study hard, have fun and then make something of our lives. That whole dream can exist for anyone from any background.

The university fees have already been put up for the class of 2012 forcing us to all have to consider alternative routes if there are indeed any and then the EMA bonuses were stopped and now there is talk of totally scrapping EMA all together. I ask how is it fair that the cuts to education are ALL affecting the students born of 1993 and 1994? There are people on job seekers allowance who sit at home doing nothing while the people in education do not even receive half of what they do.

There are people who i know for a fact don't work because they are ex addicts that earn more than my mother who works in a job she hates just to keep our heads above water. understandably they need the money as they are listed as unable to work yet they are able to do voluntary work that they enjoy and spending time at home with their children where as working parents are not. Money has begun to be more valuable than flesh, blood and bone, the human race. How can it be argued that that is right in any kind of way?

We the people representing a cross section of society are signing below in order to save EMA and EMA bonuses for students trying to make something of themselves in colleges and 6th forms.

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