Bristol, CT Board Of Education
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As you all know, Bristol has redistricted our elementary and middle schools. They closed some of the elementary schools to fill the two newly built schools in Forrestville and West Bristol with students and are shuffeling around most students within the district to different schools after the summer.

The number of students will not change within the district, however it has come to my attention that several of our teachers have gotten pink slips.
The board of education is pink slipping by seniority, meaning they will get rid of the newer teachers.

One of them is my son's Kindergarten Teacher at Edgewood Elementary, Miss N. She is a fantastic teacher, with a lot of compassion, enthusiasm and motivation for her job and her students. She is the kind of teachers we need to give our kids a great future. She cares about the school and about our kids. I believe the teachers should be based on ratings versus seniority.

I am calling on all Edgewood parents and residents of Bristol, CT and those that care about it, to please help me save Miss N. from being out of a job at the end of the summer.

Many more teachers have gotten pink slipped I am sure, but the number of students will not change after the summer, this would mean increase in class sizes, which also translates in less one on one time for teacher student interaction, so the ones that are behind already, will fall even further behind. Our kids education and future are on the line here.

Please help save our great teachers!

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, call on the Bristol Board of Education to keep Miss N. and save our other teachers from being out of a job after the summer. Our kids future, as well as the future of the city of Bristol are on the line, with you eliminating great staff that cares about our kids and how they are doing.

Thank you for your time,
the residents and friends of Bristol, CT.

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