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This is a petition to NBC to keep the television show "ED" on air.

We, the people of the United States, are here to petition The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) to keep quality television on the air. We the undersigned individuals feel that "ED", the story of a man who moves back to Stuckyville, Ohio from New York in search of his true love Caro, purchases a bowling alley and sets up his law office in said bowling alley has all the features of the quality television that we are constantly is search of. The humor, the romance, the friendship, and the $10 bets make "ED" truly a great show. We the undersigned individuals ask the executives of NBC to consider continuing to broadcast "ED". We the undersigned individuals ask NBC to take part in our $10 bet. Keep "ED" on the air and continue the fine tradition of quality programing that NBC is known for.

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