Malcolm Turnbull

Community Television is a vital learning ground for many people starting out in the industry. A place to 'learn the ropes' and have their creative ideas tried and tested. It is a vital place for small production groups to be able to broadcast their 'self-made' shows in a TV Station environment.

Many people we see on our Commercial Channels today got their start on Community Television, when no-one else would give them a foot in the door.

It is also vital to many elderly residents who may not have access to the internet or even any knowledge of how to use the internet and rely on their faithful Community Television to broadcast shows they enjoy, including many classic old movies that never make any appearance on the Commercial Channels. Community Television is exactly that - 'COMMUNITY Television', Television for the Community created by the Community and it should be supported and celebrated.

We, the undersigned Australian Voters, call to have our beloved Community Television Stations saved.

Community Television is a vital part of the lives of many Australian Residents and should remain in place for the Community to access, not only as a source of Entertainment, but as a learning ground for people of all ages, who are trying to get a start in the Television Industry.

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