#Local Government
Cheshire East Council
United Kingdom

Recently, Cheshire East Council voted to increase the rent paid by Market Traders across the county by a staggering 25%. There has been no legitimate reasons laid forth by the council with many seeing it as a move to oust markets from towns in a bid to create revenue from car parking and other schemes around Cheshire.

Market traders have always worked with very streamlined profit margins, pinched even tighter by the need to remain competitive with the all- consuming supermarkets and their insatiable appetite for moving into all areas of financial opportunity.

It's understandable that in a recession and a time of great financial hardship for everyone, these traders are struggling already and a hike of 25% will force many traders out of a profession through sheer running costs alone.

It is vital that action is taken now to show Cheshire East council the people of the towns want to keep their Markets.

We, the undersigned, seek Cheshire East Council to review it's recent 25% increase on charges to Market Traders throughout Cheshire East.

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