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Moreland City Council

In 1913, Brunswick City Council borrowed £10,000, in those days a significant investment, to build the Brunswick Baths.

The Baths opened in January 1914, at a time when most private households did not have showers or baths. They were open six days a week, and closed on Sundays. Mixed bathing was not permitted until 1930 - before then, just one day each week was for women, and the rest for men only.

In 1927 the Baths were extended - a second indoor pool was built and the original was modified to meet Olympic standards. After these extensions, the pool was used for Victorian swimming championships. It was mooted that the pool might be used during the 1956 Olympic Games, but their stature was lessened when the Olympic Pool was constructed.

The brick walls along the western and part of the eastern side are the most visible elements of what remains of the
original 1914 Baths. A 33 feet diving board that was originally installed was removed sometime after 1928.

In 2007, the indoor pool of the Baths was closed due to water leaks and questions have been raised about the long term future of the facility.

Moreland City Council needs to live up to its responsibility and invest in our community infrastructure. In the past Moreland has not invested as they should have in community infrastructure like the Baths.

It is estimated the Brunswick Baths needs a $12-14 million investment to secure its future.

Council must not be allowed to continue to delay investing in community infrastructure in Brunswick. Investing in this important community asset now must not be put into the too hard basket.

Tell Moreland City Council to do its job - sign this petition and get involved in Brunswick Labor's Brunswick Bath' s Campaign.

The Brunswick Baths were opened in 1914 and have served our community and generations of Brunswick residents and families since. It has a long and prestigious history, having once been considered as a venue for the 1956 Olympic Games. The Baths are an integral part of Brunswick and an important community asset, and must be saved.

The Baths are in a state of disrepair and require a substantial investment - estimated to be between $12 and $14 million - to ensure its future. Our council, which owns the facility on behalf of the community, needs to live up to its responsibility and further invest in our community infrastructure.

We call upon Moreland City Council to begin urgent capital works upgrades to ensure that the future of the Brunswick Baths is secured, and continues to be the most valued and important sporting facility in Brunswick.

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