Ownership of Ben's Delicatessen

Situated on the downtown corner of Metcalfe and de Maisonneuve, Ben’s Delicatessen is a true Montreal institution. Founded in 1908, the restaurant could celebrate its centennial in two years. Sadly, however, Ben’s Deli is threatened with closure.

Exasperated by dangerous and degrading working conditions, the restaurant’s workers have been on strike since July 20. They are fighting for a reinvestment in the basic tools of the trade: a toaster, sufficient plates and utensils, adequate heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer. But the employer is refusing to negotiate any improvement whatever.

The employees and clientele of Ben’s Delicatessen fear we may be losing yet another element of what made Montreal a unique city.

Given that Ben’s Delicatessen is more than a restaurant; that it is a place of great historic and tourism value in Montreal ;

We, the undersigned, ask the owners of Ben’s Delicatessen to negotiate in good faith with their employees in order to reopen the restaurant as soon as possible.

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