#Animal Rights
George W Bush
United States of America

Millions of animals die everyday, do you know why? Abuse! In animal labs people cut the vocal cords of the animals so the public can't hear their cries. For what? Nothing! It's useless! Here is an example: Chocolate is toxic to dogs, it isn't toxic to humans. Do you know where people get the animals for labs? They steal other people's pets! Can you imagine, an animal who is used to never being harmed by humans and who has always been well loved and cared for is suddenly being tortured to death by humans. It makes me sick. It isn't just animal labs though. There is a hunting club in Florida where they use dogs to track down the wounded deer. Someone was teasing another person's dog and the dog bit them. The next day, the person who got bit called the dog to him. The dog came over, wagging his tail and expecting praise. Instead of praise it got shot in the head. Help the animals in the world: sign this and keep other animals from having the same fate as many others.

We, the undersigned, wish to help animals in the world and protect them from abuse and needless experimentation.

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