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This petition is solely for the purpose of saving a well-known and well-loved tv show called "Angel"

We The Fans of the TV show Angel here by declare it unfair to close this great show! We believe the WB is wrong to deny this shows demographic their right to enjoy its content. Angel is one of the best shows on the WB and if the Network does cancel it, they'll be at the mercy of the public. This act is an unjust, and unfair one and the WB should stop this madness and let the show go on. One fan, in particular, has this to say, "We finally see angel at its peak, and we cancel it. why? because it does better then Buffy. DOWN WITH THE WB! FROG LEGS FOR EVERYONE!!"- anon. The WB may think that they have better shows to air, but they are wrong, this show is the best many people have ever seen. The WB network needs to be aware of the fact that we have power over there ratings. We're MORE THAN WILLING to stop watching every show on the network if the show is cancelled. The WB, as part of the entertainment industry caters to the public, and the public say KEEP THIS SHOW OPEN!

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