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Helping Innocent People And Increasing Awareness!

Now that the Bush era is over I am sure I can get help!. I am a 5th generation American (German decent), I am 33 years old and have epilepsy, which makes me totally disabled and unable to work, drive or take care of our children.

In Jan 2006, my Pakistani born husband (of 9 years) and father of our children (son 7 and Daughter 3, she was 4 months old when this all happened) was arrested by ICE, tortured and deported with NO CHARGES or any faults on his part. After they tortured him and after they could not find anything on him, they put him in solitary where he begged to be sent back to Pakistan (the only option given him other than to be beat more for no reason), where he had not been since 1980. He had not even taken a trip to Pakistan in that 25 year time and does not have any family or friends here, where we all now reside.

With no place to go, I followed in 2007, after selling my wedding ring for passports and plane tickets for the children and I. We lived apart from him for 2 years and could take it no more. Our last month in the USA, December 2007 we lived in a homeless shelter in center city Philadelphia while we awaited the day of departure, January 17th 2008. This was the only option open to me at that time. Here in Pakistan, both my husband and I have had our lives threatened and we live in constant fear of the frequent bombs as well as kidnapping.

My husband has been our only support, he is educated but can not find a job because of his American Education and ideas. We went to the American Embassy seeking help but I was told that if I divorce my husband, they will send myself and the children back to the USA to live in a Homeless shelter, except for that they can not do anything for us. We have tried to contact lawyers and they require a minimum of $10,000 payment before they can help. At this point we have less than $20 to our name. Please do not take this as asking for money I am just asking for help in correcting and injustice and in keeping an American family together as we wish to be, in the USA. Please help in getting us back to the USA together!!


You can help! Look down and sign!

We, the undersigned ask you to sign is you believe in Justice for all. To help innocent Americans stuck in Pakistan. This could and can happen to anyone. Help these people and help your country. This should have never happened - Act now!

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