Governor Eric Grietens
United States of America

Here lately there has been a non stop attack on Veteran Monuments and American History. Our history is watered down in the classrooms to our kids, leaving them with little understanding of our history and even less understanding of how our country is supposed to work. With the ongoing removal of Confederate Monuments we are not only disgracing our veterans but deleting history. This can not continue, where does it stop; are Asian American's going to ask for the removal of Pearl Harbor Monuments, are we going to remove the Lincoln Memorial, are Native American's going to call for the removal of the American flag because it represents the people that stole their land and slaughtered their people. We can not change history it must be put out and embraced in order to prevent from making the same mistakes. This is not an issue on race the Civil War was an issue on the states right to govern themselves. We can't change that slavery was here in America but we can change the current path that will only lead to the complete deletion of our history. Be part of the lll% stand up and make it known that true American Patriots will not stand by and allow the continued assault on our history.

We the undersigned concerned citizens request that the assault on American History cease and desist, the attempt at removing a 100 plus year old Confederate Monument must not continue. It is an attack on not only our history but our veterans as well.

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