#Students' Rights
Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College
United Kingdom

Evidence - we have some of the posters, the web page is on bebo, bruses, and people have ended up crying or in 'remove' - the victims have been the ones in remove for standing up for themselves.

I am starting this petition because the majority of students at hastingsbury have been intimidating and subjecting the minority to abuse, physically and mentally. So far this term we have been:

- Threatened
- Spat at/on
- Hit
- Kicked
- Pushed into walls
- Had abuse shouted at us
- Had mud thrown at us
- Had bricks thrown at us
- Abusive web pages on bebo about us
- Been tripped up
- Abusive posters around the school
- And also our stuff taken.

This petition is greatly needed as nothing is being done to stop it, the administration has done nothing, and it is becoming a daily occurrence.

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