Brad Wall of the Saskatchewan Party

The facts

In the past, Trudeau has expressed his support for a preferential ballot system, where voters in a particular riding rank the candidates in their order of preference.

In that system, if nobody has an absolute majority after the first count, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. The second-place choices on the ballots cast for that unsuccessful candidate are redistributed to the other candidates. This process goes on until one person has a majority.

The government has said that other forms of voting would be studied as well, including proportional representation.

What the experts say:

Reid said that if the Liberals, who will likely have a majority on the all-party committee, go with a “full” preferential ballot system, the Liberals would be assured victory.

A full preferential ballot means that voters must rank all of the candidates, otherwise their ballot is considered spoiled. Such a system exists in certain Australian jurisdictions.

A Nanos Research survey conducted right before the October 2015 vote showed 46 per cent of Conservative respondents said they had no second choice for support. As a result, Reid argues, Conservative voters would be most likely to have their ballots declared invalid in a full preferential system.

The Liberal Party of Canada want to hijack democracy in Canada. We in Saskatchewan will not allow our votes to be watered down by ''Election Reform'' by the Liberal Party of Canada. Western Canada puts up with a lot of bad ideas from the Liberals but we will not allow the Liberals to turn our great country into a communist Regime.

If the Liberals change our election System with no Referendum. Mr. Brad Wall, the people of Saskatchewan choose democracy and we demand a Referendum on Separation. Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia also need to have Referendums on Separation. Once we are free from our Liberal Dictators, our western provinces can join together as a united Republic.

We will not be governed by a government that does not respect First Past the Post Voting.

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