#Safety and Transportation
Cleveland Metropolitian School District
United States of America

The School Parent Organization here at Charles H. Lake@Louis Pasteur Swing Sight School would like to request transportation and crossing guards for the students who attend this school.

Since the closing of Charles H. Lake School, at 9201 Hilllock, and the move here to our swing sight school (Louis Pasteur), our enroll has dropped from 350 to 118 students to as of today (8/28/2007) because of no transportation of our students.

Also we would like to request crossing guards for our students in route here. The streets that we are requesting is from East 90th and St. Clair, East 105th, and Lakeview. East 105th alone is known for it,s car accidents each year.

So for the safety of our student we would like to see crossing guards.

We the Parents and The School Parents Organization here at Charles H. Lake@Louis Pasteur Swing Sight School, call on the Cleveland Metropolitian School District to provide Transportation and Crossing Guards for our students.

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