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Victorians are more likely to die violently as the result of a road crash than from any other cause

Every life we lose on our roads is one too many. Road trauma causes great pain and heartbreak to those Victorians who lose family and friends in road crashes – and places a huge economic burden on our entire community.

arrive alive 2008-2017 sets out how the Victorian Government will continue its leadership in road safety to deliver a safer system for all road users and make a significant reduction to road trauma.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and all Victorians can contribute to safer roads and safer driving behaviour. By working together, we can substantially reduce serious casualties from road crashes and spare many Victorian families the grief of suffering the loss or serious injury of a loved one on our roads.

The above information was taken directly from the www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au website. As a regular user of Potter St, Craigieburn, i witness too many accidents and not enough action from Vic Roads to prevent it.

If you are a regular user of Potter St, Craigieburn and share my concerns about Potter St safety, please sign my petition below.

We, the undersigned, call on Vic Roads to improve road safety on Potter St, Craigieburn.

We request the following:

* Reduce the speed limit from 70km/ph to 60km/ph or less.

* Increase the width of the road (where possible).

* In conjunction with Hume City Council, build a footpath along the western side of the road. This will allow safe pedestrian access to the train station.

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