The Leader of Wrexham County Borough Council
United Kingdom

On the 26th February 2014, the Labour led administration of Wrexham County Borough Council, passed their Annual budget which included unprecedented cuts and which was passed in the face of massive public opposition. Included in this budget was a provision to reduce grass cutting from 6 to 8 cuts a year to just 2. The petitioners in this case the Wrexham Independent Group proposed an alternative budget which made provision for additional grass cutting and other services. This alternative budget was rejected by the Labour led administration on the night.

Despite it only being April, residents are 'up in arms' at the scruffy state of our county and some are threatening to withhold partial payment of council tax on the basis that the council are charging more but delivering less.

The untidy state of our County Borough also discourages potential investors and tourism alike from visiting the County Borough, in fact it is an economic disaster for Wrexham.

The petitioners therefore call on the Leader of Wrexham County Borough Council to rescind or revoke the budget line for grass cutting and replaced with alternatives proposed.

We the undersigned demand that the Leader of Labour led Wrexham County Borough Council takes action to revoke or rescind the budget decision of the 26th February 2014, which resulted in a reduction of grass cutting in public open spaces from 6/8 cuts to just 2 a year.

We believe that this is desirable in order to attract investment and economic benefit to the County Borough.

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