Amherst School District
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Windermere Boulevard Elementary recently instituted a set of rules in its public school as outlined in its Parent Guide to Character Education.

Concurrent with the implementation of this set of rules, the school presented students and parents with a contract, which obligates students and parents to support the school rules.

We disagree with the idea that families are accountable to the public school system for the development of moral character in children.

Additionally, the nature of many of the rules and the methods of punishment which are being used to enforce them are unreasonable.

In order to facilitate a healthy learning environment and to promote the well-being of its students, we, the undersigned, call upon Windermere Boulevard Elementary School to revise its policies on rule-making and enforcement of school rules as follows:

1. Children are to be provided a healthy opportunity to socialize in the school cafeteria. Rules which prohibit or severely limit talking or coerce students to remain in a specified seat at all times impede the development of imperative social skills and are to be discontinued.

2. Public humiliation, denial of lunch time, denial of recess, and collective punishment are to be immediately discontinued as methods of punishment due to their negative psychological impacts.

3. Matters of social etiquette will not be the subject of punitive measures at school. The students at Windermere represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Matters of opinion on what is “polite” or appropriate social conduct varies widely and is properly vested in a student’s parents and choice of religious path, not the public education system.

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